About Pat Toth-Smith

Pat Toth-Smith

California artist Pat Toth-Smith, is a fine art Wildlife/ Nature Photographer with more than 20 years of professional experience, her photos have sold in numerous markets, prestigious galleries and hundreds of fine art shows and festivals in the west.

She  recently became an award winning author for her book Wild Among Us: true adventures of a female photographer who stalks bears, wolves, mountain lions and other elusive wildlife which won the 2014 USA’s best book award, a gold medal in the Living Now Awards  and a bronze medal in the a e-Lit awards.  In the summer of 2015, Pat finished a radio book tour promoting Wild Among Us, she was a guest on over 25 radio stations, including many NPR stations around the USA.

“My photographs and stories are meant to help reestablish a connection with nature/wildlife and maybe inspire others to get out into the wilderness more often.  When photographing, I try to capture the animal’s expressions with a bit of reverence and humor.  Frequently, I am drawn to the overall aesthetic of a wildlife scene, not just the drama that may be occurring at its center. My focus is less about getting the action shot and more about making the wildlife feel comfortable in my presence. I try to convey the connection of the wildlife to its environment.  After getting hooked on bears and wildlife early on in my photographic career, I pursued them for over the past 15 years. I had a lot of fears about traveling alone, hiking alone, but I've always had a philosophy that I'd rather fail than to not do something because I was afraid to do it."  Pat Toth-Smith.  

Pat Toth-Smith Photography recently added Original Glass-Fused Necklaces designed and created by Pat Toth-Smith. To compliment the necklaces she and her daughter Alia Toth-Smith have started an earring and bracelet collection under "A & P Originals" found in the Small Gift Items section. 

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